HMC’s Partnership with Planetree International

In March 2018, CPESE signed a partnership with internationally renowned US-based healthcare organization, Planetree International. The agreement was signed by Mr. Nasser Al Naimi, Deputy Chief of Quality and Director of Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute, and Dr. Susan Frampton, President of Planetree. The collaboration between HMC and Planetree will strengthen our capabilities by providing strategic direction and support to enhance our commitment of putting the patient first.

The Planetree collaboration builds on the work that CPESE has done to improve interaction with HMC’s patients. This agreement will see HMC work toward attaining the Excellence in Person-Centered Care. This accreditation is the only program of its kind and formally recognizes an organization’s ability to deliver excellence in patient and person-centered care. The accreditation includes empathy and compassion training for staff and the development of a framework for delivering an exceptional experience for both the care receiver and giver.

About Planetree International

Planetree International is a mission based not-for-profit organization that has partnered with over 700 healthcare organizations in 25 countries and across the care continuum to transform how care is delivered. Powered by over 50,000 focus group attendees comprised of patients, families, and staff, and nearly 40 years of experience working with healthcare organizations, the Planetree approach emphasizes the quality of human interactions that occur within healthcare settings, the importance of connecting healthcare personnel to the purpose and meaning of their work, and practical strategies for engaging patients and family members as true partners in care. These elements have been consolidated into the Person-Centered Care Certification Program, which provides organizations with a structured process to guide culture change efforts that yield improvements in clinical, operational and patient experience outcomes. Drawing on this experience, in 2017 Planetree partnered with the National Academy of Medicine to introduce an evidence-based Guiding Framework for Patient and Family Engaged Care, using the certification process as a foundation for sustainable improvement.

The Person-Centered Care (PCC) Certification Program

The Person-Centered Care Certification Program provides a structured, operational framework for evaluating the organizational systems, processes and practices necessary to achieve the aim of improving quality, patient loyalty and staff engagement by building a continuously learning person-centered organizational culture driven by the voice of patients.


Improve quality, patient loyalty and staff engagement by building a continuously learning person-centered organizational culture driven by the voice of patients.


  • Patient Experience
  • Quality of Care
  • Staff Engagement
  • Staff Retention
  • Staff Culture

PCC Drivers – Guiding Principles

The PCC Drivers present a high-level depiction of what it takes to create a culture of person-centered care.

  1. Create organizational structures that promote engagement – Organizational and physical structures that break down the barriers, both literal and figurative, between healthcare professionals, patients and families.
  1. Connect values, strategies and actions – Efforts to create cohesion between what we do, i.e. behaviors and tasks, and why we do it, i.e. values and mission.
  1. Implement practices that promote partnership – Methods, processes and behaviors adopted by teams to guide healthcare interactions that cultivate trust, build reciprocal relationships and improve communications healthcare professionals, patients and families.
  1. Know what matters – Efforts to deliver individualized, whole person care. Care is personalized according to individual needs, preferences and values, and based on partnered determination of goals.
  1. Use evidence to drive improvement – Organizational capacity to create measurable change.