Star of Excellence
National Tumor Boards and Cancer Guidelines
HMC multidisciplinary cancer teams, working in an expert clinical advisory capacity to the Supreme Council of Health, have developed a set of bespoke National Cancer Clinical Management Guidelines that apply across all health care sectors including primary care and private providers. The guidelines cover the patient journey from suspected cancer through to diagnosis and treatment. 

Rising Star
Pediatric Psychology Service - Building Bridges
The Pediatric Psychology Service is an integral part of the Child Development Centre in Rumailah hospital. The aim of the Pediatric Psychology Service is to meet the emotional and mental health needs of children and families within the CDC. The CDC provides multidisciplinary care for children from birth to 14 years with physical and intellectual disabilities and social communication difficulties.

Award of Merit
A Multidimensional Approach in Preventing SSI
Since the opening of the Heart Hospital in 2011, the high rate of surgical site infections or SSIs in coronary artery bypass graft surgeries has been a priority for the Infection Prevention and Control Program. A multidimensional approach in preventing SSIs was developed and implemented to address and mitigate the key issues behind the infections.

Award of Merit
A Novel Advanced Heart Failure Program
The project oversaw the creation of a new service dedicated to the care of Heart Failure patients. The purpose of the heart failure program is to provide an integrated approach to care through systematic assessment, management, counseling and patient education and by working in partnership with the patient to encourage their compliance with the agreed treatment regimen.