Star of Excellence
Supportive and Palliative Care Unit
Further to the launch of the National Cancer Strategy in 2011, a Specialist Palliative Care Center was developed in HMC. The center provides greater privacy and a more home-like environment than is possible on a hospital ward.

Rising Star
Adolescent Medicine Service
The Adolescent Medicine Service at Hamad General Hospital caters to patients between 10 and 18 years old with severe, complex and/or persistent difficulties. Previously, this population was seen in a range of clinics within pediatrics and adult medicine. Establishing the service enabled the hospital to identify high risk behaviors in adolescents, preventing premature morbidity and mortality.

Award of Merit
Preventing Skin Tears in Long Term Care Residents
The Long Term Care facility is home to patients with mental or physical disabilities. Most of the residents have mobility issues such as unsteady gait and balance, and paralysis which predispose them to skin injuries. The goal of this program is to reduce the incidence of skin tears and pressure ulcers among residents.

Award of Merit
Improve Quality of Life with Occupational Therapy
The occupational therapy team works with female day care patients of the Psychiatry department to assess and improve their quality of life. Based on the Bristol Activities of Daily Living scale, the assessment focuses on three main domains – personal hygiene, social skills and household activities.