Star of Excellence
Association of Time in Blood Glucose Range with Overall Mortality Rates
The aim of this research was to assess glucose control in postoperative cardiac patients and to determine factors related to poor control. This study evaluated patients with glycemic targets of 6 to 8.1 mmol/L.  Various glycemic targets have been prescribed to reduce wound infection and overall mortality rates. This was the first research study to use time in range as a discriminating tool and relate it to the outcome in intensive care practice.

Rising Star
Electronic Chest Drain Monitor
The Electronic Chest Drain Monitor is a novel electronic cardiothoracic surgical device developed completely in Qatar. The device provides the surgical team with real-time, precise monitoring, display and recording of the amount and rate of air and blood leakage of postoperative patients.

Award of Merit
An Investigation of Metal Surface Treatment
The Department of Dentistry conducted a study to investigate the effect on the bond strength of teeth of different metal surface treatments before reporcelainization.  The metal surface treatments used were sandblasting, grinding and grinding followed by sandblasting. Two non-precious dental alloys, nickel- chromium and cobalt- chromium, and one type of dental ceramic were employed. 

Award of Merit
Placing HMC at the Cutting Edge of Cancer Research
The interests of the cancer research team include identifying the underlying genetic factors and signaling pathways involved in oncological diseases, as well as the novel biomarkers for cancer and the effects of founder mutations in the Qatari population for certain high priority diseases such as Myeloprolifrative Neoplasms and Chronic Myeloid Leukemia.