Satellite symposiums

Day 2: 2 February 2024​

Satellite symposiums

Moderators: Dr. Mussad Al Samawi (Qatar) and Dr. Alaaeldin A/Majid (Qatar) 

4:55pm to 5:15pm

Sponsor Symposium - (Sanofi)
Title: Modernization of NIP: acP-IPV

 Dr. Khaled Awad

5:15pm to 5:35pm​

Sponsor Symposium - (GSK)
Title: HIV Therapy Area


Day 3: 3 February 2024

Satellite symposium

Moderators: Dr. Adila Shoukat, (Qatar) and Dr. Sulieman, Consultant, (Qatar)

 4:30pm to 5:00pm

Sponsor Symposium - (Pfizer)

 Dr. Ahmed Zaqout (Qatar)​

​​​Attendance of this symposium attracts no CPD points as the activities are sponsored by external companies.