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We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to you to attend the 4th Perioperative Nursing Symposium. This event promises to be a unique blend of celebration and education, tailored to resonate with nurses from the perioperative specialty, as we come together to mark the Annual Perioperative Nurses Week.

Perioperative nurses, the heart and soul of surgical care, bring their unwavering commitment and expertise to every aspect of patient care. From pre-operative assessments to the surgery itself and post-operative recovery, their vigilance ensures the safety and comfort of each patient. Their contribution extends far beyond the operating room; they are advocates for patients and their families. Perioperative nurses play a critical role in reducing surgical complications, improving outcomes, and promoting a culture of safety within the healthcare system.

Organized by the Perioperative Nursing Specialty at Hamad Medical Corporation, in collaboration with distinguished partners, Sidra Medicine and Aspetar, this symposium will serve as a vibrant forum for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and best practices among perioperative nurses. This collaborative spirit is at the heart of our profession, and this symposium offers a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with colleagues who share the same passion for excellence in patient care.

In addition to the rich educational content, this high-level face-to-face symposium offers locally based attendees the chance to earn Continuing Professional Development hours. This further underscores the practical value of your participation in this event.

Anticipated to be the largest gathering of Perioperative healthcare professionals across Qatar, this symposium is a testament to the collective dedication and expertise of our esteemed community. It signifies our shared commitment to elevating the standards of perioperative care, reflecting the pivotal role we play in the healthcare continuum.

Wishing you a symposium filled with celebration, education, and fruitful connections.

Happy Perioperative Nurses Week!

Ms. Amal Jobran
Assistant Executive Director of Nursing-Perioperative
Corporate Nursing & Midwifery, Hamad Medical Corporation
Symposium Chairperson​

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