Objectives and Overview

The Best of ASCO 2024 in Qatar aims to provide participants with the latest expert consensus thinking and research findings relevant to treating and managing both common and rare cancers in Qatar.

The conference objectives are as follows:

  • Enable HMC cancer professionals to identify and evaluate the latest research findings about common tumors such as breast, colon, lung, and prostate cancers and assess their implications for treatment options.
  • Identify and evaluate the latest research findings regarding the care and management of rare cancers, including neurological, head and neck, urological, gynecological, and sarcomas, to inform practice and improve patient outcomes.
  • Assess the implications for HMC cancer practice and research of advances in emergent developmental therapeutics such as immunotherapy, molecular precision medicine, and tumor biology.
  • Explore the latest symptom management and survivorship approaches to inform the development and enhancement of HMC cancer services.​