Mr. Nasser Al Naimi

Deputy Chief Quality Officer, Center for Patient Experience & Staff Engagement / Director, Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute 

Nasser Al Naimi is known for driving transformation, innovation, and engagement across multi-faceted programs of work and for bringing patient experience ideas to fruition.

This has led to him being entrusted to lead Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) ambitious agenda for Patient Experience and spearheads Qatar’s very own Hamad Healthcare Quality Improvement Institute (HHQI).

In his current role, Nasser successfully introduced Person-Centered care best practices to improve the delivery of care and enhance patient and family experience within HMC. As an advocate of Person-Centered Care (PCC), Nasser works closely with leaders and staff across HMC to implement a system wide improvement strategy that supports the active involvement of patients and their families and the implementation of Person-Centered care best practices.

It was this commitment to Person-Centered Care that saw him play an instrumental role in enabling the landmark partnership between Planetree International and HMC. Despite the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, five HMC hospitals received their certification for Excellence in Person-Centered Care.

His strong improvement background and extensive management experience have given him the opportunity to lead several corporate and nationwide programs. Nasser was appointed to chair the 16000 Call Center for Healthcare Sector Services, mandated to provide virtual customer service during the global pandemic. He was also recently appointed as the work stream lead for Qatari population group to support the delivery of National Health Insurance Scheme.

Known for his collaborative leadership style, Nasser led a number of projects including the National Patient Safety Collaborative (NPSC), the National Value Improvement Collaborative (NVIC), the flow collaborative, including but not limited to partnerships with Q-Post for the delivery of medicines, medical reports, consumables and supplies, Qatar Charity, Qatar National Library (QNL), and Qatar University.

Nasser is the incumbent Chair of the Disciplinary Committee in HMC. Prior to leading HMC’s CPESE and HHQI, Nasser played an important role in the foundation of the Center for Healthcare Improvement (CHI) that developed the concept of change and improvement vehicle within HMC. He was appointed as the Executive Director for CHI in 2008 and led a team of experts in system transformation and service improvement.

Nasser’s expertise come from immersive study of health systems across the world and has applied these learnings to design and service improvements across HMC. Nasser has complemented his extensive improvement knowledge with an EMBA from the University of Plymouth UK.

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