What is IFMSA SCOPE Program?

In line with its ongoing commitment to medical education, HMC Medical Education Department offers international student exchange program in Qatar in partnership with Qatar Medical Students Association (QMSA) and the College of Medicine of Qatar University (CMED-QU). The program is a four-week elective placement offered through Standing Committee on Professional Exchange (SCOPE) of International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA).

Besides offering excellent educational opportunities, the program aims to promote social and cultural understanding and cooperation between medical professionals from abroad and in Qatar. Furthermore, it creates a unique opportunity for HMC to foster external collaboration and institutional partnership with world-class centers.

How does it work?

HMC shall, upon receipt of the clinical elective application through its affiliate medical colleges, review and coordinate with the clinical departments in placing medical exchange students to clinical rotations. This shall be determined by the GME Coordinator.

The duration of elective is for a maximum of 4 weeks. The work schedule is 5 days a week and 6 hours a day as per IFMSA guidance. During the placement, students will work along with local medical students, deal with a different health care system, and learn from HMC clinical educators. Students will work on a clinical observership basis and be supervised by a named clinician at all times.

The corporate orientation program is mandatory for all students undertaking electives at HMC in order to familiarize themselves with the facilities, personnel, policies and health and safety regulations.

How do you apply?

  • Medical Students who would like to apply through the SCOPE Program of IFMSA should initiate their application from their respective national IFMSA organizations by contacting their local or national exchange officers who will provide all the necessary information of how to apply for the IFMSA SCOPE program. The national representative organization for SCOPE program in Qatar is Qatar Medical Student Association (QMSA).
  • Upon receipt of the application, the QMSA shall forward the request to the participating Medical College (CMED-QU). The College shall then ask the requesting medical students to fill out and apply for the College’s application for a clinical exchange with Standing Committee On Professional Exchange (SCOPE).
  • Once the Medical School has approved of the clinical exchange, the students are then required to fill out an HMC elective rotation request for placement into a clinical department/section. Please click the following link for HMC Clinical Attachment Application Form:


  • HMC Medical Education shall review the application and shall coordinate with the clinical departments to allocate a slot for the medical exchange student as per his/her preferred department. HMC Medical Education shall then send the approval to the Medical College.
  • The Medical College shall then assign student preceptors who shall be tasked to orient and assist the exchange students into the clinical facilities.
  • The clinical departments shall then provide department orientation and brief the students about any safety precautions and/or any protocols that they may need to observe while in the facility. There will be a named supervisor for each exchange student during his/her clinical placement.
  • The College communicates the above arrangements to QMSA who will then send out the exchange confirmation letter to successful students. The students are advised to make their travel arrangements after receiving their final offer letter from QMSA confirming their exchange program details.

Do you want to know more?

  • For IFMSA and their exchange programs, visit Home - IFMSA
  • To initiate your application, contact your local or national exchange officer. The national representative organization for SCOPE program in Qatar is Qatar Medical Student Association (QMSA).
  • To discuss the details about your placement at HMC, contact Mr Von Mabulay, GME Coordinator on VMabulay@hamad.qa