HMC Customer Service – Nesma’ak

For any questions, comments, compliments or complaints about the quality of care received or any feedback you want to share, please talk to one of our Nesmaak Customer Service team by calling us on 16060, sending us an email at or clicking here to contact us.

If you are calling from overseas, you can contact us on +974 4439 5777.

If you wish to report a quality and safety issue/concern to Joint Commission International (JCI)

Patients, staff, or members of the public may report any safety or quality issue with Hamad Medical Corporation to its accrediting body, the Joint Commission International. 

Complaints may be submitted by emailing or writing to: Quality and Safety Monitoring Joint Commission International Accreditation, 1515 W. 22nd Street, Suite 1300W Oak Brook, IL 60523, USA. 

For further information about JCI's complain management process, please see: 

For all media enquiries related to Hamad Medical Corporation contact the Media Department via

For job vacancy enquiries and to submit your CV

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For questions about an existing appointment

Please use the ‘Check your appointment’ application or call 16060

If you would like to get an appointment with Hamad Medical Corporation

You will need a referral – please first see your Primary Healthcare doctor who will decide if you need to see a specialist at Hamad Medical Corporation

If you have a referral and would like to get an appointment with a specialist at Hamad Medical Corporation

Please click here and fill out the form

If you have questions about your ongoing recruitment process

Please contact the person who has been processing your recruitment

For information on our medical education program

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For vendors

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You can also interact with Hamad Medical Corporation through our social media channels:

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