• 1/19/2023

    The Clinical Care Improvement Training Program (CCITP) has successfully completed 17 cycles since its inception in 2011. This program is a nine-month intermediate healthcare quality improvement education and training program designed to effectively engage healthcare professionals to lead improvement initiatives and implement changes that redesigns a reliable healthcare system.

    Cycle 18 was officially launched on 19th January 2023 in Bayt Al Dhiyafah, HBKMC. It was attended by 20 multi-disciplinary teams comprising of 70 participants in total from across the corporation. This program follows a proven approach for training a multi-disciplinary team to apply and practice improvement science and its methodologies. The program will give the needed assistance and train participants to gain understanding and to recognize any healthcare quality improvement tools to be utilized effectively. Also, participants will be supported in the practical application of targeted skills through the following mode of learning.

    By the end of this program, participants will be able to apply their knowledge of science of improvement concepts, tools and methods; generate and test improvement ideas and the skill to implement improvement strategies and co-design reliable systems; work as a team, communicate clearly and practice leadership skills learnt during the course and lastly, will be able to support improvement efforts not just in their own facilities but across HMC.