How to get a dental referral or a dental appointment?

Follows three easy steps:
Go to your nearest Primary Health Care Center or private practice to see a dentist who will decide if you need to be referred to see a specialist
Talk to the Patient Contact Center, Nesma’ak, at Hamad Medical Corporation who will telephone you after you have been referred to book an appointment. Tel16060 (if you are overseas, you can reach them on 0097-444395777).
Visit the dental facility where you have your appointment; make sure you arrive well in advance to check in and ensure you have brushed you teeth before you arrive.

Important information –
In our effort to help make your dental appointment easier, please keep in mind the following points: 

  • Patients do not need to visit the dental facility at HMC to make an appointment; once you have been referred, the Patient Contact Center will call you to arrange an appointment.

  • Appointments at our specialist dental clinics operate on fixed appointment times, so only patients with an appointment will be seen. We will not be able to see patients who do not have an appointment. If you need to be seen in an emergency, you should visit your Primary Health Care Center or private practice.

  • Arrive early and give yourself enough time to complete registration forms, complete payments at the cashier, get to know the staff and relax before your appointment. It's hard to feel comfortable in the dental chair when you're feeling rushed.

  • Bring a long your Qatar ID, Hamad Health card, referral letter and any other document that might be of use for your appointment

  • Accompanying your child. Children must come to their dental appointment with their parent or legal guardian or they will not receive treatment. Sending a nanny or driver is inappropriate and will not suffice to treatment to be administered.

  • Administer oral care before your dental appointment - This means cleaning your teeth well before you attend your scheduled treatment.