• 5/15/2023


    The Center for Clinical Precision Medicine and Genomics has announced the kick-off of a new internship program aimed at providing personalized patient care in acute hospital settings. The program for this year is focused on using a risk prediction model for febrile neutropenia, the most common cancer in Qatar.

    One of the key features of the internship is to support the implementation of precision medicine in all aspects of patient care through building infrastructure capability between healthcare providers and academic centers And providing opportunities for experts from various institutions to collaborate and develop new approaches to patient care.

    The internship provided the opportunity for experts from both institutions to work together to develop new approaches to patient care. The two champions selected for internship are Dr Mohammed Jaber, a 3rd-year fellow medical oncologist, and Dr Zainab bioinformatics research scientist.

    According to Dr Abdulla Al Ansari, the Chief Medical Officer of HMC, the launch of this new internship is anticipated to be a significant milestone in the application of machine learning in personalized patient care in Qatar, with the support of partners like Hamad bin Khalifa University, Qatar Foundation. In addition, we will be able to make further progress in advancing cancer care in the region.

    Dr. Salha Bujassoum, Chair of Medical Oncology and Palliative Care Medicine \Assistant Chair PM-HMC  said We are excited to launch this internship which we believe will lead to better patient outcomes. By using risk prediction to identify patients who are at the highest risk for febrile neutropenia, we can provide more personalized and effective care, which is the future of cancer care."