• 2/16/2017
    Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) recently organized a wide range of fun and healthy activities in recognition of World Cancer Day to raise awareness of cancer and provide the general public with the most up-to-date medical information about the prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

    Under this year’s theme, ‘We can. I can,’ experts and healthcare organizations from around the world discussed and shared information about cancer research and effective programs and models of cancer care. They also disseminated messages about screening services and treatment management aimed at improving the quality of care for cancer patients in Qatar.

    To mark the day, HMC organized various activities that featured a number of lectures and workshops delivered by a dedicated team of HMC medical staff and healthcare experts, focused on the importance of adopting physical activity and healthy eating to reduce the risk of cancer and raise awareness of the prevention, diagnosis, and early detection of the disease.

    HMC staff also distributed educational materials and provided advice through a number of booths that were placed across the organization’s hospitals and facilities including National Center for Cancer Care and Research (NCCCR) and Al Wakra Hospital  to help dispel myths about cancer, encourage people to talk openly about  it and empower patients diagnosed with this devastating disease.

    HMC also hosted activities at Aspire Park which demonstrated the commitment of the community to cancer care services. The activities were attended by hundreds of people, who participated in the fun and took advantage of the health advice provided.

    Commenting on the activities delivered by HMC for World Cancer Day, Dr. Salha Bujassoum Al Bader, Senior Consultant Medical Oncologist at the NCCCR at HMC, and Co-chair of the Breast Tumor Board, said: “It’s a privilege for the cancer team at HMC to be engaged in such an important global initiative. Our participation in this worldwide initiative is testament to HMC’s commitment to providing the best possible care to each and every one of our patients.”

    “The wide range of activities designed to mark the day was an excellent opportunity for us to raise awareness of cancer and cancer related issues. The activities provided a way for people to find out what they needed to know about cancer, helping them to prevent it, survive it and live with the disease. Most importantly, HMC’s role in marking World Cancer Day enabled us to spread the word that most cancers can be prevented by adopting healthy behaviors,”  she stressed.

    Dr. Al Bader added: “HMC’s ongoing efforts to tackle this overwhelming disease are highly praised by all stakeholders and well perceived by both the public and patients who are receiving treatment at HMC.  As a cancer team working at HMC, we are very proud to be part of such a worldwide initiative. World Cancer Day is a great opportunity to present a unified platform for healthcare professionals around the world to disseminate knowledge about cancer and share updates on cancer care services.  We are confident that the clinical outcomes of these awareness activities will help to increase people’s understanding of the disease, reduce the incidence of cancer, decrease the number of those diagnosed, and ultimately contribute to reducing cancer in the population and saving lives."