• 11/3/2015
    Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) National Center for Cancer Care and Research (NCCCR) recently hosted a ceremony to recognize some nursing staff for their excellence in fulfilling the vision, mission and strategic goals of the hospital.

    This was NCCCR’s first Nursing Recognition Program ceremony and it was designed to appreciate the outstanding achievements of the nurses for their involvement in patient safety and quality improvement projects. In all, 10 nurses from the Palliative Care and Medical Oncology units were awarded in different categories, including patient care, research, innovation and education.

    The organizing committee of the recognition ceremony received seven project applications of which two – ‘Microsystem Fall Prevention’ and ‘Fall Prevention: Quality Initiative (Creating a Fall Free Environment)’ – were singled out for recognition. Both projects addressed the best strategies to prevent falls in the NCCCR and their outcomes have led to a reduction in falls amongst a very high risk group of patients.

    Executive Director of Nursing at the NCCCR, Ms. Catherine Gillespie, noted on the occasion: “This is the first nursing recognition program for the NCCCR and both winning projects have reflected directly on the quality of care provided here by improving patients’ safety.” She acknowledged the contribution of the nurses who have taken extra time and effort working towards a common goal and producing positive patients’ outcomes.

    Prof. Alexander Knuth, Medical Director for the NCCCR and Ms. Justine Lara Waywell, Executive Director of the NCCCR, also expressed their appreciation for the initiative and the importance of recognizing nurses who are very dedicated and committed to providing the safest, most effective and most compassionate care to all patients visiting the NCCCR.

    Mr. Michel Harkous, Director of Nursing Education at the NCCCR commented: “It is an honor to work with such high caliber nursing professionals whose hard work and dedication produce superb results. In recognition of their outstanding efforts, it is with great pride that I welcome them to the Nursing Recognition Program.”

    During the ceremony, A/Nurse Educator, Mr. Abdulqadir Nashwan, gave an overview of the recognition program. He explained how the recognition process started with nomination up to evaluation and winning project announcement to support the fair and equitable recognition of these healthcare professionals.