​Chairperson: Ms. Fiona Milligan

Value and Scope
In keeping with our position as an academic healthcare provider and our strategic emphasis on the importance of providing high quality, training and development initiatives, it is important for nurses at HMC to have a sustainable and rigorous, ‘quality’ education framework and infrastructure.
This is particularly important as the department moves toward international educational credentialing and the launch of a highly structured education framework to enable enhanced knowledge translation aimed at improving patient outcomes and promoting a higher degree of excellence in nursing practice.
The primary goal of the NER, Quality Improvement (QIE) Committee is therefore to promote and support the effective integration and sustainability of a quality educational framework/infrastructure which will enable cutting edge educational practice grounded in evidence-based, quality assurance and quality improvement methodologies/initiatives.

Ms. Fiona Milligan (Chairperson)
Ms. Jane Paran Lam
Ms. Shirley Johnson
Ms. Annie Shaji
Mr. Emad Ayoub Yacoub Al Omari
Ms. Safia Sayed Karim
Ms. Samiya Mahmoud Hassan
Ms. Amal Al Harbi
Ms. Marysia (Maria) Vieira