Message from Chief of Physiotherapy 

"The Physiotherapy, as a dynamic profession has been continuously exerting great efforts to maximize our momentum to ensure a future of sustainability and effectiveness in building a physically healthy Qatari population with a view of the long-term health of our nation."

It is with a great pride to welcome you to the Physiotherapy Department of Hamad medical corporation web portal. This is another milestone in our continuous pursuit to achieve advancement in our profession with an aim to provide utmost service by improving the health of the society. The web portal will take you a tour of our services, specialties, techniques and activities.

The Physiotherapy Department is committed to deliver an unparalleled quality of care and service which is safe, effective, timely, efficient, equitable and people-centered to the people of Qatar. Our talented and experienced physiotherapists have been dedicated in providing a compassionate care to the country since 1978, ensuring that each one of our patients has a positive physiotherapy experience. We promote optimal health outcomes for our patients through the advancement of knowledge, practice and harnessing the state of the art, cutting edge technology to provide the world class physical rehabilitation.

We have a multinational physiotherapy ‘fit and active’ and multitasking taskforce who have a great passion for their profession. Our main focus is on maximizing each patient’s functional potential. This is based on the strong pillars of clinical knowledge, reasoning, expertise and experience. We provide a holistic but an evidence based approach that involves the patient and the family in the clinical decision making and plan of care.

Over the years there has been a steep and a significant increment in our capacity with additional facilities and specialty areas opening to provide physiotherapy services to a wide range of population. We are moving with the nation’s health strategy to deliver the best possible and client centered care. 

Time and again the department has contributed the best of clinical perspectives to the professional practice in Qatar. The one clear goal of the department is to provide world class standard of practice within a dynamic environment that competes to improve itself each day.  
Noora Al Mudahka 
Chief of Physiotherapy