What are the steps of the Blood Donation?

Step no. 1:


  • When arriving you need to present a suitable identification document such as your QID, Health card, Driver’s license or passport (visa holders are not permitted to donate blood except GCC resident ID holders) and the receptionist will then register you in the system.

Step no. 2:

Medical Interview:

  • You will be asked to answer a set of questions related to their medical history by a qualified staff nurse to check your general health, travel history, medications history and relevant risk factors for transmission of some infection to determine whether or not eligible to donate blood.
  • All Donors 3 months deferral after vacation and after negative test of Corona - if exposed.
  • After the interview, the prospective donor/s will sign a consent form.

Step 3:

Physical Examination Assessment:

  • If you successfully pass the medical interview, you will undergo a series of physical examination to determine your eligibility to donate blood. This will include checking your weight, body temperature, hemoglobin concentration, pulse rate and blood pressure.