Department Name

Otorhinolaryngology head and neck surgery department (Ear, Nose & Throat)

Department Location

Rumailah Hospital: Inpatient Ward, Operating theatre, Daycare department (Ground Floor) and Department Office (1st floor in administration offices).
Hamad General Hospital: Outpatient Department (OPD) 3rd floor (room 319 till 329), ENT Emergency rooms (female and male) inside HGH emergency department

Hamad Medical City: Building 16, 3rd floor (Audiology and Balance Unit)

Women Hospital: Audiology Unit early neonatal screening program

Timings (clinic, office etc.)

Outpatient: 7am to 3pm (morning clinics 8am to 11 am, afternoon clinics 12pm to 3 pm, 
evening 5.30pm to 9 pm)

Daycare: 7am to 10pm

Inpatient: 24 hour a day 7 days a week; Visiting Hours 6pm to 10pm

Department Offices: 7am to 3pm

What services do you offer

Patient care

The department is providing service in General ENT and the following subspecialties

1. Otology (including neuro-otology)
2. Rhinology (including allergy, skull base and facial plastic)
3. Head & neck surgery (including snoring, voice and swallowing)
4. Audiology
5. Pediatric ORL-HNS

This Care is given through 8 senior consultants, 9 consultants (2 Audiology), 9 specialists (3 Audiology), 5 fellows and 10 residents.

1. Inpatient care: 24 hour 7 days a week service for elective, emergency, pre and postoperative care for ENT cases.

2. Outpatient: 3 shifts of clinics, morning (8am to 11 am), afternoon (12pm to 3 pm) and evening (5.30 to 9 pm) covering general ENT and subspecialty clinics.

1. Otology Clinic
2. Rhinology clinic
3. Allergy clinic
4. Snoring clinic
5. Voice & Swallowing clinic
6. Quick Early Diagnosis (QED) (Head and Neck)
7. Dizzy clinic
8. Cochlear implant
9. Pediatric ENT

3. Emergency Service: 24 hour 7 days a week service for management and care of emergency conditions related to ENT

The scope of an ORL-HNS service is broad and demands inter-disciplinary co-operation involving a spectrum of other specialties including physicians, surgeons, nurses and allied health professionals.

The specialty treats patients of all ages, from the newborn to the elderly, and most patients can be treated without surgical intervention.

Whom to contact

Outpatient Department for booking and info: 44395777

Inpatient Department: 44393559, 44393560

Daycare: 44393760

ENT emergency room: 44394117

Pass clinic (surgeries booking and appointments): 44393186, 44397471

Department Office: 44397018/44397295

What patients need to bring in order to access your services

Outpatient: Referral letter from Health center or emergency or referring doctor and a valid health card
Inpatient: Admission card from one of our physicians and a valid health card

What message you want to send for your patients

We assure and guarantee to provide quality specialized care for all patients and adequate privacy and confidentiality for patients, families and visitors and to provide positive patients and staff satisfaction.

Education materials for patients and their families

Educational materials are available with our Patient Educators in Hamad OPD contact number (44392856)

Information about discharge process from your services

After finishing the medical care with any of our services, patient will be provided with follow up appointment, medication prescription and discharge summary.

Fees for the service: Instructions given to Non-Qatari

Outpatient first visit: 60 QAR

Outpatient follow up visit: 30 QAR

Daycare Surgery: 75 QAR

Inpatient Elective: 100 QAR per night

Inpatient Emergency: free of charge (first 3 days) then charges apply

These fees are applicable for valid Heath cards holders only.