​Community Based Rehabilitation currently provides a Community Reintegration Program (CRP) that facilitates the reintegration and full inclusion of people with permanent disabilities into the community. This occurs by enhancing independence and productivity, addressing accessibility,
education and employment needs and placing a special emphasis on human rights and equal opportunities for people with disabilities.  
Our clients are mainly young adults with permanent disabilities due to spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury, stroke, and other neurological disabilities (such as neuromuscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy), requiring support in the integration/ reintegration process and living a fulfilled life with a disability in the mainstream community.  
The CRP team was awarded an Arab Health Award in 2010 and a Guiding Star of Excellence award in 2011. The team is committed to providing the following specialized expertise:
  • Assessing homes for accessibility, safety and greater independence in activities of daily life and household activities
  • Job evaluation
  • Assisting clients to return to work or school
  • Liaising with the community to seek opportunities to enhance the lifestyle of people with disabilities.