The Patient and Visitor Service Center welcomes visitors to Rumailah Hospital and provides information to both visitors and patients. We are here to help you and answer questions about your stay or visit to the hospital. We ensure that we manage the process of comments, concerns and complaints raised by patients and visitors, in a professional, friendly and efficient manner. We are able to achieve this through our skillful, dedicative, compassionate and honest team of staff.
The focus of our department is on people and finding solutions to problems, not on procedures. We proactively identify concerns and issues. Our aim is to resolve small issues as quickly as possible and triage more complex complaints to management operations staff for a swift resolution. The department’s primary goal is to reduce the overall number of complaints relating to customer services. 
The role of the Complaint Resolution Officer within the team is to attend to the complaint and liaise with the customer and department to ensure the complaint is attended to and solved. Complaints are documented, processed and resolved according to HMC policies and procedures to avoid their future occurrence.