​The Special Education Department is an outpatient day care service that provides specialized pre-integration training for children with disabilities who have physical, developmental and associated learning needs. The department is located in Hamad Medical City in Building 16 (third and fourth floor).
We provide rehabilitation services through a family-centered approach, in order to maximize a child’s independence and facilitate integration into schooling and the community.

We work closely with three departments within Rumailah Hospital in particular: 
Physiotherapy: To develop the child’s physical performance and prerequisite skills for functional posture and movement. This is achieved through goal focused assessment, interventions, equipment advice and/ or environmental adaptations to enhance children’s performance .
Occupational therapy: To focus on fine motor, visual-motor and sensory processing skills needed for basic activities of daily living such as eating, dressing, grooming, toileting, bathing, and written communication (handwriting, keyboard skills). Occupational therapy services include training in school-related skills and strategies to help children compensate for specific deficits .
Speech Therapy: To address speech, language, communication, and swallowing skills in children with disabilities. Speech therapists provide comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, consultations, parent counseling and intervention.