​If you require a follow up appointment, this can be arranged immediately. You will also be provided with any medication you need before you leave the hospital. Prescriptions can be collected from the hospital pharmacy immediately on departure.
Visiting the pharmacy
Pharmacy opening times: 
7am to 5pm Sunday to Thursday 
7am to 1pm Saturday only (outpatient pharmacy) 
To collect an item from the pharmacy, you should hand over the prescription to the pharmacy team, make your payment at the cashier desk and then collect your medicine with your health card and receipt. The pharmacy team will also provide you with information on how you should use your medicine. 
Billing and payment procedures for outpatient appointments
You have the option to pay by credit, debit or eCASH card (which can be obtained from some QNB branches) when attending appointments, to pay for some services. 
You can also contact: 
Patient and Visitor Service Center 
Telephone: (+974) 4439 7034/7666/7667 
Main Telephone switchboard: (+974) 4439 3333 
Rumailah Hospital Administration: (+974) 4439 7000