​Located in Dukhan, The Cuban Hospital was officially opened on 10 January 2012. As a joint project between the government of the State of Qatar and the government of the Republic of Cuba, the hospital is staffed by more than 400 Cuban medical professionals; including doctors, nurses and technicians in the fields of rehabilitation, dentistry, pathology, biomedicine and radiology. This workforce is supported by local staff and contractors.

Through a partnership with the Republic of Cuba and the State of Qatar, we provide distinctive and high quality patient centered care to the surrounding communities. We provide best practice education and research to facilitate the delivery of a continuously improving service.
Our vision is to be internationally recognized for our excellence and leadership in healthcare innovation and accessible integrated care. We aim to be a destination hospital for local communities and for the Gulf region by developing international collaborations in specialized services.
Distinct quality care.
  • Responsibility 
  • Community 
  • Collaboration 
  • Quality 
  • Trust​