In most cases, trauma care begins when a ‘999’ call is answered at the National Command Center and an HMC Ambulance Service ground or air ambulance, with appropriate personnel, is dispatched. 

Ambulance Service personnel follow evidence-based guidelines which they apply through standard clinical protocols. Critical care paramedics are equipped with a diverse range of skills and supported by a complete range of medications and equipment, reflecting the latest clinical evidence in pre-hospital and hospital-based emergency care. Ambulance Service teams use field triage criteria in the transport of trauma patients, usually taking patients directly to the Hamad General Hospital Level I Trauma Center. However, in cases where patients require immediate stabilization, initial transport to one of HMC’s rural hospitals, Al Khor Hospital (North), Al Wakra Hospital (South) and The Cuban Hospital (West), may occur, with subsequent transfer to the Hamad Trauma Center.

The Trauma Team works in close collaboration with the Ambulance Service teams, communicating while the patient is being transported to ensure that when they are met at the hospital door, the highly trained trauma care team is ready to take over.