A trauma registry is a data repository composed of uniform data elements that describe the injury event, demographics, pre-hospital information, diagnoses, care provided and outcome of injured patients. Trauma registries are valuable sources of information for quality of care improvements, policy development, identification of opportunities for injury prevention and clinical and epidemiologic research.

Since 2011, the HMC Trauma Registry has contributed data to the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma's (ACS COT) National Trauma Databank® (NTDB®), an international trauma data repository. The NTDB® is the largest aggregation of trauma registry data ever assembled.

In 2017, the Qatar Trauma Registry (QTR) was officially launched, the first and only national trauma registry in the Arab world. Through QTR, clinicians and other public health officials will have the data needed to make better decisions toward reducing trauma incidents in the country. The Qatar Trauma Registry builds upon the existing HMC Trauma Registry, and provides a database that documents the injuries of trauma patients and the acute care they receive. It is designed to provide information that can be used to improve the efficiency and quality of trauma care. This program will enable healthcare providers to deliver a more integrated and enhanced system of trauma care in Qatar.