Having you and your family involved in your babies care from the day he/she is admitted to our unit is very important. In the early stages, your baby may look or be very fragile, but your touch and cuddle will aid in your baby’s wellbeing. As your baby gets stronger, our team will work with you to provide evidence based practices such as Kangaroo Care and other supportive techniques that will help promote bonding between you and your baby. 

Our highly-trained specialized and experienced doctors and nurses work around the clock and are supported by a specialized multidisciplinary team made up of respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, dieticians, social workers, a clinical pharmacist, lactation consultants, special nurse educators, clinical psychologist, three case managers and two patient family educators to support you in caring for their newborn.  

They work to a neonatal care model focused on understanding your baby’s needs to optimize both short and long term physical, mental and emotional growth.

As part of this model, your baby will be looked after by the same care team throughout the duration of their stay with us.  They will encourage you to actively participate in your newborn’s journey and will help you build a strong relationship with them. They want you to feel a part of your newborn’s care and feel comfortable asking any questions you may have.

We know that seeing your baby admitted to the NICU will be difficult for you, so we will provide each of you with a special journal to track your feelings during your journey with us and other important information. 

Our case managers will consistently follow up on the progress of your newborn’s recovery to prevent delays with discharge and ensure we get you and your baby home to the rest of your family as soon as possible.