• 1/17/2018

    ​Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Women’s Wellness and Research Center (WWRC) is welcoming patients to its newly expanded diabetes clinic which has relocated from Women’s Hospital.

    “With the growing number of women at risk of, or living with diabetes, we are thrilled to relocate our clinic to one that is nearly double in size,” said Dr. Faten Al-Taher, Senior Consultant at Women’s Wellness and Research Center. “By introducing additional clinics, I am confident we can help more women diagnosed with, or at risk of, type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes to manage their condition.”

    Dr. Al-Taher stated that currently the specialized clinic receives 1,400 visits a month from women who have been diagnosed with a thyroid condition and/or diabetes prior to or during pregnancy.

    Dr. Mohammed Bashir, an Endocrine Consultant at HMC said: “Women with diabetes should strive to reach normal blood glucose levels before they become pregnant and those who have been diagnosed with diabetes should seek a referral to our diabetes clinic as soon as possible.”

    Dr. Bashir warns that women with poorly controlled diabetes pre- or post-pregnancy are at a higher risk of serious fetal complications, in particular, congenital deficits, loss of pregnancy, high blood pressure, large birth weight babies, or complications during delivery, including premature birth, fetal death, larger babies, and cesarean section.

    According to Dr. Al-Taher, to help women achieve a successful pregnancy, the Women’s Wellness and Research Center’s diabetes clinic employs a multidisciplinary team which focuses on equipping each patient with the education and tools they need to manage their diet, weight, blood pressure and medication. The team also provides women with advice on how to increase physical activity levels, and self-manage and monitor their blood glucose levels.

    “Our clinic is unique because our multidisciplinary team offers a customized diabetes management program tailored specifically to the needs of each patient,” said Dr. Al-Taher. “Women referred to us should expect our clinicians to offer a continuity of care that will help them achieve the healthiest childbirth experience possible in one convenient location.”

    The new specialized diabetes clinic is located on Level 1 of the Outpatient Department of Women’s Wellness and Research Center. Future expansion plans include the addition of podiatry and retina screening clinics and facilities that will offer a comprehensive inventory of diabetes medical supplies, ultimately providing all diabetic services in a single, convenient location.