• 3/27/2016
    Um Muhammed is grateful for the caring and dedicated specialist pediatric services offered at Al Wakra Hospital (AWH) when her six-year-old son mysteriously fell ill with a painful and potentially dangerous condition.

    Al Wakra Hospital, one of Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) eight hospitals, which was recently reaccredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) for achieving and maintaining high standards in patient care, has been providing a range of specialist services including pediatrics, to the people of Qatar’s southern region since it opened in 2012.

    Um Muhammed had previously taken her son to another private facility, but a diagnosis had eluded them. Frustrated and worried about her little boy, Um Muhammed rushed him to the pediatric emergency room at AWH. At this point, the child developed a slight swelling on the side of his face, was lethargic and in a great deal of pain.

    The clinical team performed diagnostic tests and x-rays and concluded that the child had developed a severe abscess. Doctors were very concerned that the infection would quickly reach his brain and immediately admitted him for emergency treatment.

    The young boy spent four days in hospital receiving treatment for the serious condition and has since been referred for follow-up highly specialized treatment within the HMC system of eight JCI accredited hospitals.

    “I just want to commend the excellent pediatric team of doctors, the nurses, the pediatric ward and the emergency team. They took very good care of us,” said Um Muhammed. “The nurses were simply brilliant, literally at our beck and call for everything.”

    Patients across Qatar are benefitting from being able to access high quality internationally recognized healthcare closer to their homes as part of HMC’s commitment to expand specialist services in community hospitals – all of which have been recognized by the JCI.

    Ghadeer Mustafa, Director of Nursing at AWH, said that the experience of Umm Muhammed and her son was just one amongst many illustrating the positive impact the hospital’s clinical teams have on the lives of patients.

    “Delivering high quality care to our patients is not just about one-off encounters, it’s about ensuring the entire team is focused on delivering the right outcome,” said Dr. Mahmoud Heidous, Acting Medical Director, AWH.

    “For patients, being able to access the right care at the right time is essential. This week the JCI gave their coveted gold seal of approval to AWH and HMC because of our ability to do this. This is something that we can be very proud of.

    Um Muhammed and her family took to social media recently to share their positive experience at AWH, which has earned the gratitude of staff involved in his diagnosis and treatment.

    Ms. Susan Abraham, Head Pediatric Inpatient Nurse at AWH said the team was touched by the praise from the family.

    “We work hard to understand the needs of our patients and are committed to provide the best care possible for all of our patients,” Ms. Abraham said adding: “Enhancing our patients’ experience is our top priority and having that commitment recognized by JCI is very rewarding.”