• 11/8/2014
    Hamad Medical Corporation has recently opened a clinic in the Sealine area of Qatar ahead of this year’s camping season.

    The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Mohammad Al Noimi, representative of Dr. Hanan Al Kuwari, Managing Director of Hamad Medical Corporation and Mr. Ali Abdullah Al Khater, Executive Director of the Corporate Communications Department at Hamad Medical Corporation and Project Manager of the new Sealine Hamad Medical Clinic. Also in attendance were Mr Mohamed Al-Dosri and Mr. Nasser Al Ishaq from the project team and Mr. Salim Qadri Al Yami, supervisor of the Sealine Reservation.

    Mr. Ali Ghanim Al Hmeidi, representative of the Private Engineering Office and Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Al Bakri, Head of Emergency Operations and Public Relations at the Ambulance Service Department also attended the opening of the new clinic.

    Mr. Al Khater, commenting on the opening of the new clinic, said that HMC will continue to provide an excellent heathcare service through the new Medical Clinic to all Sealine and Khor Odaid visitors and residents throughout the fifth camping season.

    He said: “On this occasion, we extend our utmost gratitude to the Reservation Sector of the Private Engineering Office for its continuous support of the HMC Sealine Medical Clinic. We also thank them for allowing the clinic relocation to be closer to the seashore which will enable campers to reach the clinic more easily.”

    Mr Al Khater pointed out that the clinic has expanded its capacity to include two additional emergency staff members from the HMC Ambulance Service who will be available on site around the clock. They are supported by a doctor and nurse team as well as the regular service provided to the Sealine area by the Ambulance Service.

    Mr Al Khater supported by other HMC representatives, extended their gratitude to the Chairman of Al Wakra Municipality, Mr. Mansour Ajran Al Bouenain and Mr. Mohammad Ahmad Al Khater, Head of Public Services at Al Wakra municipality for their efforts in facilitating the process of establishing the new Hamad Medical Clinic. They also thanked the South Region Security Department and the Ministry of Environment for their cooperation.

    “We hope that everyone has a safe camping season at Sealine and we call upon campers to consider safety measures during this time.” Al Khater added.

    Mr. Mohammad Al Noimi commented that the establishment of the Hamad Medical Clinic at Sealine and the provision of healthcare services for campers demonstrate HMC’s continued commitment to the provision of healthcare services to everyone in Qatar.

    Mr. Al Noimi also highlighted that the proximity of the clinic to the seashore and camping area as well as other frequently visited sites in the area made it ideally located for easier access to visitors.

    Mr. Salim Al Yami also emphasized the importance of the clinic location and stressed the importance of working with HMC to establish the new clinic.

    Commenting on the clinic’s operating hours, Dr. Hamid Ghareeb, Consultant at HMC’s Medical Administration Department and Medical Supervisor at the Sealine Medical Clinic said the clinic started operating on Thursday 5 November. It will now continue to operate on a weekly basis from 3:00 pm every Thursday until 5:00 pm every Saturday during the camping season. 

    He also highlighted that the new clinic is located on a main road and close to the airstrip for the easy transfer of patients in a serious condition to hospital.

    Dr. Ghareeb also noted that the clinic is fully equipped with clinical equipment and medication to treat simple injuries. Urgent cases will be transferred to a HMC hospital by a HMC ambulance service vehicle or helicopter.

    Commenting on the support of the Ambulance Service during the camping season, Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Al Bakri, Head of Emergency Operations and Public Relations at the Ambulance Services Department said that three 4X4 ambulance vehicles will be provided as well as three ambulance units, an emergency supervisor unit,  one advanced critical care paramedic team and a LifeFlight air ambulance unit.

    He added that another two ambulances will be on standby throughout the week to serve as back up support for the clinic. There will also be more 4X4 vehicles and an advanced ambulance unit provided for patients in a critical condition as well as three more ambulance units dedicated to serving the North of the country during the camping season.

    For more information, please contact:
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