To achieve the main goal we propose the following objectives: 
Optimize the ratio of experienced internal medicine consultants to hospitalized patients using standards utilized in hospital systems recognized internationally as leaders in quality, efficiency, education and research. Such a ratio appears to be 1 consultant for 10-15 patients during peak activity hours and 1 consultant for 20-30 patients between midnight and early morning. Peak activity hours are those when most admissions take place (3 PM to midnight for HGH), when most discharge should occur (7 AM to noon), and when diagnostic and therapeutic activities take place (during the remaining hours between 7 AM and midnight). Our current ratios at Hamad Medical Corporation are 1 consultant to 20-30 patients during regular hours (7 AM to 3 PM) and less than 1 to 50 during peak admission hours and diagnostic/ therapeutic hours (3 PM to midnight).
Develop a system that builds on the past experience of Hamad Medical Corporation, that recognizes the uniqueness of the institution in term of its population, size, culture, and at the same time allows high quality and high efficiency in patient care at all time. 
Engage the physicians taking care of hospitalized patient in hospital quality and patient safety initiatives, teaching and supervising residents and patients-focused research. 
Develop multi-disciplinary inpatient rounding teams which shall include, in addition to the physicians, the other health care professionals involved in the patient care: nurse, pharmacist, case manager, social worker, etc.