Our mission is clear, to provide the highest quality patient care through the recent and advanced therapeutic modalities with the least drawbacks, along with modifi cation and improvement of educational program delivered to all dermatology staff. HMC’s vision is to be distinguished as the leading Dermatology Center in the Gulf area, through introduction of new services and improvement of existing provision to ensure the highest quality of patient care for the increasing number of clients requiring our services. 

The clinical service benefi ts from state-of-the-art equipment used for better and faster treatment of a variety of dermatological cases. Our main priority is patient care, and we enjoy an excellent reputation. There have been noted developments and innovation by way of physical structure and methods of diagnosis. It is estimated that approximately one in four of the global population is affected by skin disease that would benefit from medical care and this figure continues to rise as the availability of effective treatments and patient demand for specialist opinion increases. 

The primary goal of the department is the efficient management and treatment of dermatological disorders, pediatric dermatology, cosmetology, geriatric dermatology, allergy underpinned by the skillful knowledge of histopathology and investigative scientific studies. We utilise new and modern facilities in cutaneous surgery, laser technique and phototherapy treatment. The quality of patient care has increased dramatically with the provision of cutaneous surgery, electrolysis, advances in dermatological surgery and corrective dermatology, phototherapy and photochemotherapy treatments. A new computerised phototherapy clinic has been installed, and treats many conditions including Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Atopic Eczema, Mycosis Fungoides.