The future model for mental health in Qatar will mean significant changes in the way services are delivered. In line with the new National Mental Health Strategy, the model will involve a transition from the almost exclusive delivery of services in institutional settings to a balanced system across inpatient, specialist community and non-specialist community settings. This in turn will require the development of community facilities for specialized community mental health services, and the remodelling of some primary care facilities. Inpatient services will also undergo significant changes with mental health inpatient facilities located with physical health services. 
At the heart of this transition will be the development of a new Mental Health Hospital which will form the ‘hub’ of this new community based model of care. Currently there is a Mental Health hospital which until now has been run by the management team of the Rumailah Hospital. The hospital will now have its own Executive team with the CEO appointment being a critical part of the new arrangements.  This move will enable HMC to build not only a new standalone Mental Health facility that is integrated into the main healthcare campus, but also a new leadership structure that will ensure the strategy becomes a reality. 
The role of Chief Executive for the new Mental Health Hospital will be central to the successful delivery of this ground-breaking new strategy, helping to lead the creation of a comprehensive, high quality mental health system that will deliver excellent outcomes for individuals and families now and into the future. This is an outstanding opportunity to make a tangible difference for the wellbeing of the people of Qatar.  ​