Job Summary 
The Hospital CEO provides strategic and operational leadership, direction and senior oversight to all aspects of the organisation and delivery of care, clinical services and hospital administration. The CEO shall set hospital objectives and ensure entity compliance with established HMC objectives, strategic plans, quality and operational targets, corporate policies and long-range goals collaborates at group and system level in planning for service provision, clinical integration and quality improvement and is responsible for managing information, exchange and interaction between the hospital and senior management of HMC. As described above the CEO will also be responsible for delivering key components of the new Mental Health Strategy. 
Common Responsibilities
* Identify a strategic plan for the Hospital  that incorporates short and long term goals for all services provided 
* Provides leadership, direction and decision making support for departments 
* Assure the sound clinical and fiscal operation of the hospital  including the timely, accurate and comprehensive development of an annual quality plan and budget and their implementation 
Specific Responsibilities
Principal Accountabilities
* Accountable and responsible for the overall management and day to day operations of the hospital by directing, organising, coordinating all hospital services and staff 
* Developing HMC’s objectives and strategy having regard to responsibilities to regulators, patients, employees, commissioners, members and other stakeholders 
* The successful achievement of objectives and execution of strategy following presentation to, and approval by, the HMC board of directors, Providing guidance to the Management on the role and capabilities requires in respect of senior appointments and retains the appropriate quality and quantity of staff 
* Ensures sound fiscal management of the hospital including the timely, accurate and comprehensive development and implementation of annual operating and capital budgets 
* Ensure that a long term strategy is in place which will guide the organisation in achieving its objectives, setting its budget and measuring outcomes and impact
* To maintain the highes
t standards of conduct and integrity within the HMC and ensure compliance with best practice, statute and regulatory requirements in all matters including financial, governance, legal and clinical related issues 
* Collaborates with the Hospital Senior Medical staff and other staff to ensure delivery of the highest quality of patient care; 
* To ensure compliance with regulations governing hospitals and the rules of accrediting bodies by monitoring operations; oversees survey and accreditation processes and collaborates with corporate management to ensure compliance with relevant policies and procedures 
* Responsible for meeting and managing quality targets, achieving hospital KPIs and regular reporting of this information to meet hospital, group and system requirements 
* Responsible for processes to recruit, hire, promote, develop and discipline hospital workforce in compliance with HMC corporate policy.