Job Title: Deputy Chief for Clinical Affairs (grade 117) 
Job Family/Section:  Medical, Academic and Research Affairs Group 
Reports To: Chief of Medical Academic and Research Affairs 
Subordinate Titles:  Executive Director, Assistant Executive Director 
Titles of other jobs report to same supervisor:
* Deputy Chief x 4 
* Executive Director 
* Assistant Executive Director
Principal Accountabilities
The duties of the Deputy Chief include: 
1. Strategic leadership of transformation of clinical services by working with clinical leaders across HMC to enhance clinical pathways, to reflect international best practice and HMCs objective to improve patient experience. 
2. Leadership of a rolling program of clinical service review and re-design to incorporate the latest technological advances and evidence-based practice.
3. Leadership of HMC clinical teams’ engagement with the Clinical Information Services agenda and the introduction of Health Insurance system in Qatar, in order to ensure that quality of care improvement enables HMC to thrive in new healthcare funding environment. 
4. Development and clinical oversight of internal clinical improvement programmes as well as partnerships with external international healthcare institutions. 
5. Leadership of the Corporation’s Patient Flow and Length of stay Improvement Programme which aims to ensure all patients receive clinically appropriate care at the right time in a clinically appropriate environment. 
6. Leading clinical services reconfiguration in response to the corporation’s goal to achieve Best Care Always, working closely with the Deputy Chief for Surgery Services Planning and Transformation. 
7. Development of a plan to ensure that the latest medical advances are translated rapidly and seamlessly into clinical practice. 
8. Participation in the preparation and implementation of strategic and tactical plans and programs of the corporation, including the implementation of relevant health services programs to accomplish the objective of these plans, and to meet the needs of the corporation’s customers. 
9. Active participation in key HMC corporate committees. Representation of the Group and HMC in external forums. 
10. Strategic leadership to ensure good governance across professional groups in the delivery of healthcare through patient pathways and protocols. 
11. Engagement with the Academic Health System to ensure good patient care through transformation of services into Academic Institutes. 
12. Establishment of a strategic link with primary healthcare to develop patient pathways across sectors. 
13. Leadership of HMC’s health creation activities in response to the rapidly developing national focus on adoption of best practice in public health and preventive interventions. The postholder will work closely with the Supreme Council of Health and other agencies to implement the public health strategy within HMC.
Delegation of Authority: 
Without affecting his/her authority, the Deputy Chief may delegate some of his authority to others. 
Budget Dimensions
* Finance: Operational Expenditure and Capital budgets to be confirmed. 
* Staff: c.4 
* Other: Clinical Partnership Management ​