Job Title: Deputy Chief of Quality, Patient Safety and Innovation (grade 117) 
Job Family/Section: Medical, Academic and Research Affairs Group 
Reports To: Chief of Medical Academic and Research Affairs 
Subordinate Titles: Executive Director, Assistant Executive Director 
Titles of other jobs report to same supervisor:
* Deputy Chief x 4 
* Executive Director 
* Assistant Executive Director
Principal Accountabilities
The Deputy Chief will: 
1. work with the Chief of Medical, Academic & Research Affairs and Chief of Planning and Performance to develop a robust and comprehensive Clinical Governance system for the corporation including the development of clinical key performance indicators; 
2. contribute in the design, implementation, oversight and audit of effective Continuous Quality Improvement programs at the corporation facilities, while working closely with the Quality Management team and the Chief of Planning and Performance and participating as a member of the Executive Management Committee; 
3. working with the Deputy Chief for Clinical Affairs, introduce a program for Clinical Service Review that will include departmental assessment and service re-design;
4. develop and implement a plan for improved clinical teamwork, including establishing appropriated relationships with area hospitals and other pertinent institutions to improve care of the patients;
5. Have an overarching responsibility for clinical governance.
6. lead HMC’s work on Microsystems to drive care quality innovation and improvement. 
7. assist the Chief of Medical, Academic & Research Affairs in monitoring the participation physicians in the overall planning and delivery of high quality diagnostic, treatment and preventive healthcare programs, and the overall coordination, execution, and monitoring of physician services in relation to quality and safety;
8. provide clinical leadership in the area of patient safety, particularly in relation to the identification and investigation of adverse events, including sentinel events;
9. ensure that Quality and Safety becomes a key element in the evaluation of medical staff for promotion.
10. Ensure that the relevant health services programs are aligned to translate research results into innovative clinical programs, while working with key clinical leaders to develop a high quality Health Services research program 
11. Work with the Medical, Academic & Research Affairs, and Planning and Performance Group Chiefs to assist in the development of a leading Institute for Improvement and Innovation. 
12. Be involved in planning and implementation of HMC’s Self Study approach, ensuring that HMC becomes recognized as a learning organization with a transparent culture that drives population health as well as healthcare improvement 
Delegation of Authority: 
Without affecting his/her authority, the Deputy Chief may delegate some of his authority to others.
Budget Dimensions
* Finance: Operational Expenditure and Capital budgets to be confirmed. 
* Staff: c20 WTE. 
* Other: Clinical Partnership Management. ​