• 10/5/2023
    ​We are pleased to announce that Dr. Emad Rakha (MBBS, MSc, MD, PhD, FRCPath), Senior Consultant Histopathologist at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), has been nominated as the 2024 recipient of the prestigious Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) Larry Norton Award for excellence in Breast Pathology from the International Society of Breast Pathology (ISBP).

    This esteemed recognition is a testament to Dr. Rakha's outstanding contributions to the field of breast pathology. He is also a Professor of Breast Pathology at the University of Nottingham and has authored more than 500 publications in peer reviewed journals (including articles in Nature, Lancet and Journal of Clinical Oncology) and has written over 40 book chapters, including the WHO Classification of Breast Tumors. 

    Dr. Rakha is renowned for his dedication to advancing the understanding of breast pathology, and his nomination for the BCRF Larry Norton Award is a well-deserved acknowledgment of his expertise and commitment.

    We congratulate Dr. Emad Rakha on this remarkable achievement and look forward to his impactful lecture at the USCAP meeting. His continued contributions to the field of breast pathology are invaluable, and we are certain that there will further ground-breaking research from Dr Rakha while working in HMC.