To help deliver on its vision for enhanced quality of care for the children and families of the State of Qatar, HMC entered into a multi-phase partnership with SickKids (SKI), Toronto, in November 2007. The first phase commenced in February 2008 whereby SickKids conducted a six month assessment of the health services currently provided to children and families in Qatar. Subsequent recommendations were developed into statements of work which set out clear and tangible deliverables. The five-year partnership and contract between HMC and SickKids Toronto was signed at an official ceremony in February 2010. Now in its third year, the project is well on its way and much has been achieved, highlights of which will be presented in subsequent pages of this magazine.

The HMC/SKI Partnership Project Team is lead by Dr. Abdulla Al Kaabi, Project Director and supported by Ms. Geraldine Johnston, Project Manager. We have a team from SKI based here in Doha working alongside the HMC Team. The SKI Team is lead by Ms. Cathy Seguin, Project Director and she is supported by Mr. Lutfi Haj Assaad, Project Manager.

The Project Team has grown over the last two years, this is reflective of the increasing scope of the project in supporting national initiatives in relation to pediatric services, building capacity within HMC to develop pediatric clinical programs, development of our pediatric staff, development of a child health research profile and providing expertise to the Sidra Project Team to ensure the Sidra Women & Children’s Hospital is ‘fit for purpose’.

We would like to acknowledge the outstanding commitment, hard work and dedication demonstrated by all the HMC Clinical Teams, the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from SickKids, the HMC Project Team and SickKids Project Team during the first two years of the project in working to achieve and deliver on the vision of Pediatric Health Care in Qatar.

Our focus for Year three of the project will concentrate on six Task Forces. Each Task Force will be lead by a Clinician with support from the Project Team. The membership will be multi disciplinary and each task force will have a clear work program with specific tasks to be achieved by December 2012.

The 6 Task Forces will focus on:
• Child & Adolescent Mental Health (as part of the National Mental Health Strategy)
• Pediatric Cancer (as part of the National Cancer Strategy)
• Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
• Pediatric Rehabilitation
• Pediatric Complex Care
• Pediatric Pain Management

For further information regarding the HMC/SKI partnership please contact Dr. Abdulla Al Kaabi, HMC Project Director, at, Ms. Geraldine Johnston, HMC Project Manager, at, or Mr. Lutfi Haj Assaad, SKI Project Manager, at​.