Pediatric Education Steering Committee

The Pediatric Department is committed to excellence in pediatric education in line with Hamad Medical Corporation’s vision of creating an internationally competitive Academic Health System (AHS), which will pioneer the best healthcare education and research to benefit all in Qatar.

The establishment of the Pediatric Education Steering Committee in January 2010 has proven to be a crucial step towards realizing this vision. The committee is dedicated to providing leadership and direction in identifying and setting the educational and clinical practice priorities for all pediatric staff within HMC.

The Pediatric Education Steering Committee (ESC), chaired by Dr. Ibrahim Janahi, is responsible for the review and approval of training applications from staff. Applicants for training need to complete the ESC application form, which must be signed by the Head of Section. When the application form is received by the committee, the Head of Section will be invited to attend the ESC meeting, at which the application will be reviewed. The Head of Section is required to present how such training will benefit the section. Upon return from training, the individual is required to present their strategy to utilize their experience and translate it into tangible results to improve services at HMC. They highlight any barriers they may encounter in the course of instituting change within their service and the support they will require to help accomplish their goals.

Pediatric Education and Residency Program
The Pediatric Education Committee is one of the largest in the corporation. It is responsible for many aspects of pediatric education as well as faculty development. The Pediatric Residency Program, which is accredited by the Arab Board Council for Medical Specialization, is currently a four year program and comprises of mandatory, selective and elective rotations within the different pediatric subspecialties.

Our program is one of the competitive programs in HMC and within the region. We enjoy a very high success rate and in the last two years, our residents had 100 percent success rate in the Arab Board final (exit) exam.

Due to the expansion in our activities, a number of pediatric subcommittees have been established:
  • Curriculum Committee - Chaired by Dr. Ghada Al Sulaiti
  • Residency Program Committee - Chaired by Muna Marafia
  • ACGME Committee – Chaired by Dr. Al Anoud Al Ansari
  • CME and Faculty Development Committee – Co-chaired by Dr. Thoraya Al Maslamani and Dr. Haitham El Bashir
  • Fellowship Committee – Chaired by Dr. Fawziya Khalaf
Congratulation to the eleven residents who successfully passed their final Arab Board examination:

1)   Dr. Amal Sabt Khalifa
2)   Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al Kuwari
3)   Dr. Bilal Abdel Kader Zuby
4)   Dr. Mohamed Sobhy Elsafy Khalifa
5)   Dr. Hannah Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed
6)   Dr. Eshan Muneer
7)   Dr. Ilham Mohammed Bilal
8)   Dr. Salwa Sadaqat Ali
9)   Dr. Mariam Mustapha El Hawli
10) Dr. Samar Osman Mohamed
11) Dr. Shabina Khan

We are so proud of you!