​​In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful

Welcome to the 4th issue of the ‘Children First’ E-Magazine. I cannot believe it has been 12 months since we launched the 1st issue of ‘Children First’. Each issue showcases the wonderful work being done by our Pediatric Clinical Teams with the support of the HMC/SickKids Partnership. I congratulate them all on their hard work, dedication and commitment to building excellence in pediatric care.

The Department of Pediatrics and HMC/SickKids Partnership Project continues to develop and implement new clinical programs, provide education sessions and organize events related to child health services. We have had been very busy since our last E-Magazine, we hope you enjoy finding out what we have been up to.

An excellent HMC initiative is the opening of the Pediatric Diabetes Center, which is located on the second floor of the Outpatient Department at HGH. In September 2012, HGH started construction of the centre with the aim of improving the treatment of patients with diabetes by streamlining the clinical services they receive in a dedicated location and within one visit. We will feature this new service in more detail in the next issue of ‘Children First’.

We are also delighted to introduce some new members of the pediatric team. Ms. Judith Nelmes is our Director of Nursing for Pediatrics at HGH and, to get to know her better, we asked her a few questions about her day to day work which you can read later on in this issue. We also welcome two Pediatric Infection Control Practitioners, Ms. Emily Kelly and Ms. Rekha Shepherd, our Pediatric Quality and Patient Safety Coordinator, Ms. Alison Bello and in PICU, Registered  Respiratory Therapy Clinical Specialist, Ms. Cheree Hutchison.

Left to right: Alison Bello, Emily Kelly, Cheree Hutchison and Rekha Shepherd

I am delighted to inform you that Dr. Abdulla Al Kaabi has been appointed as Executive Vice Chief Medical Officer at Sidra Medical and Research Center. Dr. Al Kaabi will report to Sidra’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ed Ogata. In his new role at Sidra Dr. Al Kaabi will assist Dr. Ogata and other Sidra leaders to build the medical staff team and develop all aspects of Sidra’s programs.

Dr. Al Kaabi stated, “It is an honor and privilege to join Sidra’s clinical team and work with renowned experts in the field like Dr. Ogata. Sidra will be an elite academic medical center that serves as a model for the region. I am proud to be part of that”.

Hanan Al Kuwari, PhD, Managing Director of HMC said “I welcome Dr. Al Kaabi’s appointment to Sidra as testament to the symbiotic relationship between HMC and Sidra and among all healthcare institutions in Qatar as we work to address the ever-growing patient needs in our community. This appointment is part of a long-lasting collaboration between our two institutions and I look forward to growing this relationship further”.

Dr. Al Kaabi will continue to have a role at HMC, he is currently continuing with clinical work in pediatric nephrology, leading the HMC/SickKids Partnership and leading the Children’s Work Stream of the Clinical Services Reconfiguration Program. Our sincere congratulations to Dr. Al Kaabi on this prestigious appointment.

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Dr. Mohammad Janahi
Chairman, Department of Pediatrics