Why Volunteer

Volunteering is paved with good intentions; we all have different reasons why we embrace volunteering. It may be about contributing to the betterment of the community, putting a smile on the face of someone, serving others, making connections, and learning new skills. Most important of all, gaining a lifetime experience. 

Our PCC Ambassadors share their reasons for volunteering.  

“I personally like volunteering because it enriches my skills, enhances my self-confidence and meet my responsibilities towards my community. I am looking forward to drawing a smile on the faces of patients and helping reduce their suffering; as well as giving a hand to whoever needs it.” 

Ms. Maryam Nasser Abdulla Al Thani
PCC Ambassador, Batch 1

“There is magic to volunteering. The spark I see in a patient’s eyes and the warmth I feel every time I listen to their stories… their resilience and hard work are exemplary. I have nothing but pure respect for them.”

Ms. Jinky Lomosad
PCC Ambassador, Batch 1

“For me, volunteering is an opportunity to connect with another human being and be part of his or her journey. It is a privilege to serve another person. Sometimes it may be a simple act like providing directions and other times it may be more involved like listening to someone’s story, or providing emotional support when they need it most.”

Ms. Michelle Bickett
PCC Ambassador, Batch 1

“It’s the sense of fulfilment you get from making a difference in people’s lives. It’s just a small thing I can do to give back.”

Ms. Taifa Naeem-Jones
PCC Ambassador, Batch 1