• 4/12/2015
    Al Wakra Hospital (AWH) – a member of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) – has introduced a first-of-its-kind-in-Qatar ‘Medication Therapy Management Clinic’, offering medication consultancy services to patients, especially those on long-term care plans for chronic diseases.

    The service aims to obtain the best medication results for patients and to minimize medicine side effects. The clinic provides support to patients by encouraging them to commit to their medication regimen or other treatment through regular follow-ups.

    Dr. Rasha Al Anany, Director of Pharmacy at AWH said during the inauguration of the clinic: “We are proud to inaugurate the Medication Therapy Management Clinic, which is a unique concept in Qatar. It is focused on improving the quality of healthcare in the country and offer enhanced pharmaceutical care to our patients.

    “The clinic is dedicated to offer patients improved support, not only by providing medical prescriptions but also to work closely with doctors to assist in the management of medication. This is done in a way that negative influence of medication is minimized and patients are educated and guided carefully.

    “The clinic is led by clinical pharmacists, who are highly-qualified specialists that assess and review the prescription. In addition, they will take the patients through the process of risk assessment of medication by informing them of the side effects of the medication, in comparison to laboratory tests for optimum health results,” she added.  

    Dr. Tamir Nabil, Head of Pharmacy Informatics and Projects at AWH said: “This project is the result of four months of hard work and coordination among the pharmacy teams at the hospital, which enabled the successful launch of the clinic.”

    He highlighted that the clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to enhance treatment or medication effects for patients. The clinic uses an electronic follow-up system for patient treatment plans through various methods. It also has an electronic tracking system.

    “The clinic follows from the Pharmacy Department’s commitment to offering the best possible care to patients. In recent years, AWH has utilized latest technologies to offer better care to patients including, the introduction of a robot called “ROWA” that dispenses the medication to patients in the Out-Patient Clinic Pharmacy, and another robot in the laboratory for the preparation of intravenous medication for in-patients,” he added.

    Dr. Hani Abdul Aziz, Head of the Medication Therapy Management Clinic said: “The clinic caters to the needs of chronic patients who struggle in adhering to their medication plan. Pharmacists at the clinic review all patient medicines and guide them more efficiently, while at the same time addressing their concerns and solving any problems related to their medication.”