• 2/9/2020

    Doha, 9 February, 2020: Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) will observe Qatar National Sport Day with a series of events and activities aimed at promoting the importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. 

    Supporting the Qatar National Vision 2030, each year since the first National Sport Day in 2012 HMC has organized a range of activities to mark the occasion. With a focus on raising awareness about the importance of sport and highlighting the role of physical activity in reducing the prevalence of health conditions associated with a sedentary lifestyle, such as type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, obesity, coronary heart disease, and depression, each year HMC-organized events aim to encourage patients, their families, and employees to engage in sport.

    Mr. Ali Abdulla Al Khater, Chief Communications Officer at HMC said a number of activities will be held across Hamad’s network of hospitals promoting the importance of physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.

    “National Sport Day is a tangible example of Qatar’s commitment to promoting the importance of physical activity and sport as essential components of health and well-being. This special day provides staff with an opportunity to meet members of our community and to inspire them to improve their physical fitness and adopt a healthy lifestyle,” said Mr. Al Khater.

    “We know that physical activity can improve one’s quality of life and prevent illnesses and National Sport Day is an opportunity to demonstrate how little changes can make a big difference and have a positive impact on one’s health,” added Mr. Al Khater.
    This year a number of hospitals and departments across HMC will contribute to planned celebrations with the Ambulance Service, National Diabetes Centers, Tobacco Cessation Center, and the Blood Donation Unit all holding events. The Qatar Rehabilitation Institute, in collaboration with the Geriatrics Department and the Kulluna for Health and Safety campaign, will also host activities for patients and members of the public.

    The nursing and midwifery teams and staff from the Patient and Family Education Unit at the Women Wellness and Research Center will hold events for pregnant women highlighting the importance of regular exercise during pregnancy.
    Several hospitals will also host free health checks, providing members of the public with blood sugar, blood pressure, and body mass index checks at dedicated areas staffed by nurses, dietitians, and other healthcare professionals. 

    For more information about HMC’s National Sports Day activities, please follow us on Twitter: @HMC_Qatar, Instagram @HMC_Qatar, and Facebook: hamadmedicalcorporation.