• 12/4/2023
    ​​​Doha, 3 December 2023: Hamad Medical Corporation’s Engineering and Health Facilities Department, represented by the Training and Development Unit, organized an informative and training program for ninth and eleventh-grade students in Qatari preparatory and secondary schools. The program took place at Itqan Clinical Simulation and Innovation Center from November 26 to 29.

    This program is part of the partnership between HMC and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, represented by the Academic Guidance Department. The program involved participation from various departments within HMC, including Biomedical Engineering, Nursing, Emergency Medical Services, Security and Safety, Anesthesia, and Radiology. Additionally, Qatar University and Doha University took part in the program. The attendance was estimated to be between 350 and 400 students each day over the course of four days.

    The program was inaugurated by Engineer Dhafi Al Marri, Chief Executive Officer of Engineering and Health Facilities Department at Hamad Medical Corporation. Al Marri delivered an introductory lecture highlighting the advantages of working in the engineering field and the nature of the functional roles of engineers and technicians in the medical field in all its forms, as well as other areas within the HMC.

    Al Marri, in his opening speech, encouraged all participating students to benefit from this introductory and training program, as well as from the training programs organized by the Engineering and Health Facilities Department during their studies and after graduation. The aim is to gain experience and knowledge in their future specialized field.

    He mentioned that collaboration with the other medical departments at Hamad Medical Corporation played a significant role in giving all students a positive impression of the specialties available in the organization, such as nursing, pharmacy, laboratories, and other facilities.

    Al Marri explained that the Engineering and Health Facilities Department Management attracted local national universities, such as Qatar University and Doha University, with the aim of introducing students to university specializations that pave the way for professional life. Representatives from Qatar University and Doha University delivered welcoming speeches to the students and participants at the event, expressing their appreciation for participating in this program.

    Mr. Abdullah Al Kubaisi, Head of the Training and Development Unit at the Engineering and Health Facilities Department at HMC, confirmed that the ninth and eleventh-grade students received lectures to introduce them to the nature of engineering management and its crucial role in operating and maintaining hospitals. He added that the students visited some medical and engineering departments at HMC, such as the Electronic Engineering Team, Excellence Center, Human Resources, Medical Engineering, Security and Safety Team, First Aid and Emergency Services, Nursing, Medical Anesthesia, and Medical Radiology, to give them a general idea about the nature of health facility roles.

    Mr. Abdullah Al Kubaisi also stated that the aim of attracting school students is to familiarize them with the available positions at HMC in engineering, medicine, and other professions related to medical and technical fields, to help them plan their academic and professional future. In the same context, the students expressed their benefit from this program, which provided them with new experiences and knowledge about engineering and its important role in hospitals.

    At the end of the program, the participating students were honored, and they were given certificates of participation.