• 12/6/2023

    Doha, 06 December 2023: A successful surgical operation was performed at Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Hamad General Hospital for a British patient who sustained a serious injury to his left leg during a sports event.

    Dr. Mohamed Al Ateeq Al Dosari, Senior Consultant, Head of Orthopedic Surgery Department, and Director of Bone and Joint Center at HMC said: “The injured patient was immediately attended to by ambulance crews and then swiftly transferred to Hamad General Hospital in record time. Upon arrival, he underwent a thorough examination to diagnose his condition. The specialized medical team handling complex injuries decided to perform surgery on his left leg within two hours of his arrival at the hospital.”

    Dr. Al Ateeq commended the success of the surgical procedure, attributing it to the collaborative efforts of the medical team comprising of Dr. Shamsi Abdulhameed, Dr. Mamoun Abu Samhadaneh, and Dr. Salahuddeen Abdelsalam, all highly experienced consultants specializing in complex bone injuries. They collectively supervised the case of the patient. Dr. Al Ateeq noted that the patient’s condition required urgent surgical intervention due to the severity of the injury and praised the high-quality care provided by HMC and the Bone and Joint Center, recognizing it among the world's best healthcare systems.

    Dr. Mamoun Abu Samhadaneh, Consultant at HMC’s Bone and Joint Center said: “The patient suffered a complex fracture in his left leg, a severe injury requiring high-precision surgery. The patient would need at least three months to resume sports activities after recovery.”

    “The patient’s injury was severe. He underwent a complex surgical procedure within approximately two hours of arriving at the hospital. We delivered high-quality, professional care to the patient, utilizing the latest surgical techniques for treating and stabilizing the fractures,” added Dr. Abu Samhadaneh.

    Dr. Abu Samhadana added that HMC provides the latest medical tools necessary for managing and treating such injuries, particularly those involving complex fractures. Additionally, Hamad General Hospital provided CT scans that contributed to the accurate diagnosis and determination of the appropriate treatment for the injury. He noted that the patient was advised to commence physical therapy immediately after the surgery. Both the patient and accompanying individuals praised the exceptional healthcare received at HMC.

    Dr. Shamsi Abdulhameed, Consultant at HMC’s Bone and Joint Center stated that the patient faced a challenging situation, sustaining a serious and severe injury, which was a highly fragmented fracture in his left leg. “The medical team promptly attended to the case upon the patient’s arrival at the hospital under the supervision of Dr. Mohamed Al Ateeq Al Dosari. We conducted several medical examinations, including X-rays and CT scans, to understand the nature of the injury. The medical team quickly decided on the patient's urgent need for surgery, merely hours after the injury. The surgical procedure went extremely well, despite its complexity. We cleaned the wound, stabilized the broken bones in his leg using a plate, and after the surgery, we placed a posterior splint below the patient’s knee. Two days after the surgery, we reassessed the wound to monitor its progress," added Dr. Abdulhameed. 

    Dr. Abdulhameed said that the patient was recovering well post-operation. The British patient expressed profound appreciation for the exceptional medical care received at HMC. He shared his positive experience on his personal social media page, highlighting the meticulous attention and outstanding care that contributed to treating his injury. The patient expressed gratitude for the world-class medical performance received from the surgical team at HMC’s Bone and Joint Center.