• 1/18/2023

    Doha,17 January 2023: The Training and Development Section at Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC)  Department of Corporate Engineering and Health Facilities Management, organized an awareness and training program for ninth and eleventh-grade students in Qatari preparatory and secondary schools. The program, which was held during the period from 15 to 25 January, was organized in collaboration between HMC and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, represented by the Academic Advising Department, Hamad Medical Corporation departments also participated in the implementation of the program which includes: Nursing, Medical Engineering, Ambulance, Safety and Security, and Anesthesiology, in addition to Qatar University . Hundreds of male and female students participated in the program and were introduced to several facilities at HMC. The program commenced with an introductory lecture about the advantages of working in the engineering field and the nature of the roles of engineers and engineering technicians in healthcare settings. The lecture was delivered by Eng. Dhafi Rashid Al Marri, Executive Director of Corporate Engineering and Health Facilities Management at HMC.    

    In his speech at the opening of the program, Eng. Dhafi Al Marri welcomed all participating students and urged them to make the most of every opportunity of learning during the program. “I hope that this introductory training program will help attract more students to choose engineering majors for their undergraduate degree,” said Eng. Dhafi Al Marri.  

    “The Department of Corporate Engineering and Health Facilities Management at HMC is keen to regularly organize visits for school students to its facilities and to participate in career fairs and events to educate students about the importance of engineering in the medical field and the nature of engineering roles in healthcare settings. We strive to encourage high school students to consider pursuing a major in engineering for their undergraduate studies,” added Eng. Dhafi Al Marri. 

    Mr. Abdulla Al Kubaisi, Head of Training and Development at the Department of Corporate Engineering and Health Facilities Management explained that the program was designed to receive ninth and eleventh grade students from Qatari schools and educate them about the nature of the work at HMC’s Engineering Department and the role of engineers in healthcare facilities, including hospitals and medical centers. The program also included training visits for students to a number of HMC departments and hospitals to provide them with an overview of the role of health facilities. 

    “Each group of the students was received for two days at HMC’s Itqan Clinical Simulation and Innovation Center where they attended introductory lectures about engineering professions and the roles of engineers and technicians in the medical field. We have also organized visits for the students to several HMC departments to learn about the roles of the teams working in those departments, including electronics and electrical engineering teams, human resources team, biomedical engineering team, fire and safety team, first aid and ambulance service teams, nursing team, anesthesia team, and radiology team. We also organized field visits for the students to the main engineering units at HMC, including boilers, chillers, and water treatment units,” said Mr. Al Kubaisi. 
    Male and female students who attended the training program expressed their overall satisfaction with the program and explained how they gained new experience and knowledge about engineering and its applications in hospitals. They also learned about the challenges that face engineering professionals in healthcare settings and how they can respond to them effectively and how to respond to emergency situations such as power outages. The program was concluded with a ceremony to present certificates of appreciation to male and female students participating in the program at Itqan Clinical Simulation and Innovation Center.