• 3/15/2023

    DOHA 14 MARCH 2023: With more than 10,000 spaces in 40 car parks for patients, staff, and stakeholders, Hamad Medical Corporation, as a result of a tender, appointed QDVP (Mawaqif Qatar) to operate and manage its car parking under the supervision of Health Facility Development’s Real Estate Management Department and provide value-added services such as valet parking and car wash services.

    The goal of this appointment is to revamp the parking services and technology, where parkers will enter and exit in a ticketless manner and use various cashless payment options. This digital solution will be the first to be implemented in Qatar at Doha, Al Khor, and Al Wakra Campuses.

    Mawaqif Qatar will mobilize more than 100 staff to assist customers, including 24/7 control room, patrolling, and enforcement support. There will also be a portal for staff to apply for parking and a centralization platform enabling a faster customer service response.

    “At HMC, we strive to improve the patient experience by using the latest technologies in the medical field and the associated real estate facilities. We have selected Mawaqif Qatar to join us in achieving this improvement in the short and long run and reinforcing our position as the leading and expanding public medical facilities in Qatar,” said Mr. Nagi Al Mannai, Executive Director of Real Estate Management/Health Facilities Development.

    “We are proud to be the operator of HMC, where we don’t only run the car parks and introduce the latest technologies, but also contribute to the experience of patients who park in the facilities to receive medical checks or visit loved ones after an operation. We will also facilitate the journey of Doctors and Nurses who save lives. Our company fully understands this aspect in its service delivery”, says Mr. Elias Bou Maroun, CEO of QDVP (Mawaqif Qatar).