• 10/4/2023

    DOHA, Qatar, 3 October 2023 — Hamad Medical Corporation's (HMC) Ambulance Service successfully relaunched its national awareness campaign, 'Know the 5 to Save a Life,' at Doha Festival City on Thursday 27 September. The 3-day initiative aimed to educate the public about the critical steps to take when calling an ambulance during an emergency.

    The 5 key actions highlighted by the campaign include:

    Dial 999 immediately: In an emergency, it is crucial to dial 999 promptly to allow the Ambulance Service to respond quickly.

    Know the location of the emergency: Providing the precise location of the incident helps responders reach the scene quickly.

    Answer all questions asked by the call handler: Clear and accurate information is vital for efficient ambulance dispatch.

    Follow all instructions given while on the call: Complying with instructions from the call handler can make a significant difference to the outcome of an emergency.

    Give way to ambulances: Allowing ambulances to pass easily through traffic is essential to reaching the location of the incident as quickly as possible.

    Mr. Ali Darwish, Assistant Executive Director of Emergency and Scheduled Ambulance Service for HMC Ambulance Service emphasized the significance of the campaign, sharing, "Time is the most critical factor when responding to medical emergencies. Educating the community of Qatar about the 5 key steps will support the Ambulance Service in providing the best possible treatment as quickly as possible."

    He also expressed gratitude saying, "I would like to take this opportunity to thank Doha Festival City (DFC) for their support with our campaign. DFC has always displayed an unfailing dedication to prioritizing the health of the people of Qatar."

    With just over 200,000 emergency calls and 50,000 non-emergency calls to the Ambulance Service each year, Mr. Abdulaziz Alyafei, Assistant Executive Director of Healthcare Coordination for HMC Ambulance Service said there is an ever-increasing demand on the Ambulance Service.

    “Qatar’s population stands at just under 3 million and as part of our national campaign relaunch, the HMC Ambulance Service will also be asking visitors to the booth to save the Ambulance Service for medical emergencies. Reducing the volume of non-emergency calls will enable our teams to continue to respond quickly and effectively to critical cases.”

    During the campaign at Doha Festival City, numerous visitors engaged with paramedics, gaining valuable insights into why saving the Ambulance Service for medical emergencies is crucial. The booth featured various emergency response vehicles, including a buggy and a bike, allowing visitors to experience, up close, the various transportation types used in an emergency.

    HMC boasts a state-of-the-art fleet staffed by highly experienced paramedics and critical care paramedics who administer medical treatment before transporting patients to an appropriate emergency department, playing a pivotal role in saving lives every day.

    With an extensive 75 dispatch points throughout Qatar, the commitment of HMC’s Ambulance Service to delivering outstanding medical treatment is reflected in the multiple international quality and safety accreditations gained, including the Joint Commission International.

    For more information about the 'Know the 5 to Save a Life' campaign or HMC's Ambulance Service, please visit as.hamad.qa