• 2/4/2024

    Doha, 04 February, 2024: The Perioperative Nursing Specialty at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) held the successful fourth iteration of the perioperative nursing symposium on 13 January 2024. Organized in collaboration with strategic partners, including Sidra Medicine, and Aspetar, the interprofessional symposium served as a vibrant forum for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and best practices among perioperative nurses working within multidisciplinary teams.

    The perioperative multidisciplinary approach involves collaboration with various healthcare professionals to achieve the best outcomes for the patient. Perioperative nurses are essential members of the surgical team, contributing to the overall success and safety of surgical procedures.

    Anticipated as the largest gathering of Perioperative healthcare professionals across Qatar, the symposium was a testament to the collective dedication and expertise of all healthcare professionals engaged with safe perioperative care practices. Over 600 healthcare professionals, primarily nurses, from across private and public healthcare sector in Qatar attended the educational event. The event theme for this year, "Safe Surgery Together: Unveiling Timeless Wisdom Through All The Years", encapsulates the essence of perioperative nursing - blending the wisdom of the past with modern perioperative practices. The program included highlights of the latest evidence-based practices supporting safe surgery for all patients.

    Ms. Mariam Al-Mutawa, Acting Chief Nursing Officer, said that perioperative nurses are the core pillars of surgical care, bringing steadfast dedication and proficiency to every facet of patient care: “From pre-operative evaluations to the actual surgery and post-operative recuperation, the constant vigilance of our nurses is aimed at ensuring the well-being and ease of each patient. Their impact reaches beyond the confines of the operating room; they stand as champions for patients and their families. Perioperative nurses play a pivotal role in minimizing surgical complications, enhancing outcomes, and fostering a safety-centric culture within the healthcare system.”

    Dr. Abdulla Al-Ansari delivered a welcome address, underscoring the critical significance of robust collaboration among all members of the surgical team within the operating environment. He emphasized that the success of this collaboration hinges on integrating high standards of clinical competence and practice while fostering a foundation built on mutual respect and care among all professionals involved.

    Dr. Hassan Al-Thani, Senior Consultant and Head of the Trauma and Vascular Surgery Sections at HMC, delivered the keynote presentation. Drawing from his wealth of experience, Dr. Al-Thani emphasized the significance of the perioperative experience, encompassing the patient's reception upon entering the hospital for surgery, the maintenance of safety during the procedure, and the subsequent implementation of effective post-operative communication and care. Stressing the pivotal role of perioperative nurses, he highlighted their crucial contribution in delivering comprehensive care to patients throughout the entire perioperative continuum, spanning preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative phases.

    Ms. Amal Jobran, Assistant Executive Director of Nursing-Perioperative at HMC and the Symposium Chairperson, said: “This symposium signified our shared commitment to elevating the standards of perioperative care, reflecting the pivotal role we played in the healthcare continuum. This collaborative spirit is at the heart of our profession, and the symposium offered a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with colleagues who shared the same passion for excellence in patient care.”

    This educational program aligns with the goals of the Qatar National Health Strategy, aiming to strengthen the skills of nurses in promoting quality care, ensuring patient safety, and fostering professional excellence. The symposium goal is to empower perioperative nurses, enabling them to actively contribute to a safety-oriented culture within the perioperative setting.

    The high-level face-to-face symposium offered locally based attendees the chance to obtain rich educational content and earn Continuing Professional Development hours, further underscoring the practical value of their participation in the event. Other than networking opportunities, the symposium offered a wonderful opportunity for successful individuals and teams to showcase scientific and research posters and presentations to share valuable knowledge and good evidence-based practice.

    The event organizers extended their appreciation to the sponsors, including: Med Tech Corporation (http://www.med-tech.com), Mazaya Medical Trading (www.mazayaMedical.net), Al Danah Medical Co. W.L.L. (http://www.aldanahmedical.com), Ali Bin Ali Medical (www.alibinali.com) and Sedeer (www.sedeer.com), whose exhibition booths contributed to enhancing attendee experience and engagement.