What are nasal sinuses: they are air-filled cavity in the skull and are connected to the nose

What is the function of sinuses?

It helps to lighten the weight of the skull, produce mucus, help in keeping the moisture of the air we breathe through the nose and help in speech resonance 

What is Functional endoscopic sinus surgery?

it is a surgical procedure under general anesthesia, where the doctor will open and clean your sinuses from any inflammation or infection 

How Functional endoscopic sinus surgery is done?

done through the nose, by using an endoscope without external cuts.

When I should do functional endoscopic sinus surgery ?

Your doctor will discuss with you the decision for surgery and may offer the procedure in case of recurrent sinus infection or in case of nasal allergy with or without nasal polyps that did not improve on medication 

What to expect after your surgery?

You may have silastic sheet (plastic sheets) inside the nose 

You may have packs in your nose to be removed after 24hours by your doctor 

You may feel nasal blockage and reduce in smell sensation in first few days 

You may notice blood stained secretions in the first few days

Written card with your appointment will be given before you go home.

At Home:

Sleep in 45 degrees in first 48 hours 

You can eat a normal diet and drink lots of fluid 

Avoid water to go inside the nose 

Avoid direct trauma to nose 

When sneezing open the mouth 

Avoid any allergen and strong smells (that may cause you to sneeze) 

Avoid blowing your nose

Avoid hot steamy water during shower

You can drive normally unless you feel dizzy and unsteady 

Avoid Sajood in pray until approved by your doctor 

Avoid heavy exercise

Avoid lifting heaving weight for 6 weeks

Avoid Direct sun exposure

Take medication as directed.

** when to come to emergency: (Hamad General Hospital)

  • Large epistaxis (nasal bleeding), not responding to first aid (pinching of the nose for 5min, with head bend forward)
  • Change in vision (inability to see clearly, or change in color vision)
  • CONTINOUS clear secretion from the nose 
  • Direct trauma to nose